Who We Are

Nordic Walking Nova Scotia is operated by Bill and Esther VanGorder. Nordic Walking Nova Scotia offers Nordic Walking beginner and intermediate clinics, Instructor Certification Courses and are they are the Atlantic distributor of Nordic Walking Poles for industry-leader Nordixx Pole Walking Canada.

Bill and Esther VanGorder are becoming known as the principal force behind the growth of Nordic Walking - the fastest growing outdoor fitness activity in Nova Scotia. They are certified national Nordixx Nordic Pole Walking instructors and the major distributor of Nordic Walking poles and supplies in Atlantic Canada.

Nordic Pole Walking is a low-impact fitness activity that offers the highest benefits for weight loss, health, and wellness. Nordic Walking Poles enable you to incorporate over 90% of all your body muscles. It’s ‘turbo-powered’ walking, using poles to propel yourself burning up to 46% more calories than normal walking because you’re working your upper body as well as your legs – but the support from the poles means it actually feels easier.

Bill has a background in health and fitness. He was the CEO of the Lung Association of NS for 15 years; prior to that he was Atlantic Area Director of the YMCA for 12 years. He has been involved in Nordic Walking since 2008. Esther is an avid Nordic Walker and instructor of 100s of successful beginner clinics.

Bill and Esther lead Nordic Walking clinics throughout the Maritimes on a mission to bring Nordic Walking to Atlantic Canadians.

Who We Are

Nordic Walking Nova Scotia is operated by Bill and Esther VanGorder. We offer Nordic Walking clinics and are the Atlantic distributor for industry-leader Nordixx Pole Walking Canada.

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Nordic Walking Nova Scotia is your Atlantic source for top quality, authentic, reasonably priced Nordic Walking poles and supplies.

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Our How to Nordic Walking clinics are designed for all adults. Family and children's classes are also offered in separate venues. These introductory events will train you to Nordic Walk properly for the best possible enjoyment and benefit. Our instructors are nationally certified to teach Nordic Walking.

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